How to Build a Resilient You

    Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Building resiliency should start in childhood where you slowly realize that you are a wonderful human being who can do anything you desire. You have self- confidence and know that you can become the person you want to be.

You are creative and everyone supports your efforts; your family and friends are cheering for your continuing success and wellness.

You become a helper because all you see around you are people helping others.

You grow strong in your physical body because people around you show you how to be strong; guiding you on learning how your body, mind and heart are all connected to a strong physical being.

Your mind is strong because you study hard, have wonderful teachers, read everything you can get your hands on and  listen intently to your elders.

And because of all your prevention work, you grow up, follow your heart and become resilient, passing it on to your children.

And you build this invisible protective wall around you and your loved ones, protecting everyone from harmful things outside of the resilient bubble that can make life more difficult and even painful.

Don’t you wish that everyone could have this story of resiliency?

But here we are without a protective bubble helping us to stay healthy in mind, body and soul, and we struggle.

 When did the fairy tale end for you?

My fairy tale ended after high school when I left home at 18 to become a mother and wife. That is when I had the most difficulty with life in general.

When I was on your own, I took  up cigarette smoking ( did this one before I left home), and got  fat from poor eating habits.

Then my mother, father and all of my relatives told me that they have diabetes and I better stop eating so much because I was going to get it too!


Left on my own with poor self- worth from all the extra weight I even considered taking your own life to just end it all so I would not have to work to get back to my true self which is full of resiliency, hope and love.

My Story is the story of many people

I was brought up in a good home, felt loved most of the time and worked on my health most of the time.

I started life as a chubby kid who grew up even chubbier and after some time quite obese.

I can blame no one but myself, and I felt pretty helpless about being able to get to a point in my life when I felt like I cared about myself; a place where I could look in the mirror and not see a bunch of blubber. I knew of self-hatred and I felt completely alone.

But I also knew that I am the only one that could take the first step and come  back to health and wellness.

So I began reading everything about losing weight, joined weight loss groups and gyms, yoga classes, even started my own healthy living group. I also  write about health daily, and I believe that  writing things down helps a lot with knowing what you are eating, finding out about your emotions for the day and catching your spirit in the background cheering for you!

It really does take a village of people to help bring you back to health and wellness

It takes many voices around you for you to listen and then begin a healthy life.

But you still have time to turn things around for yourself; building some protective, preventive ways that can build your invisible protective bubble  of health.

Healthy Bodies, minds and spirits

Healthy Bodies: Everyone wants a healthy and fit body, but no one wants to work for it. If you want to stay fit, keep your body looking healthy, you need to exercise every day. Every day does not have to be a marathon but you have to do something.

Healthy Mind: The mind can become healthier through good relationships; interacting with others who bring the best out of you, and staying away from unhealthy, negative people who stick to your insides and turn them inside out!

Healthy Spirit: This one is the most difficult to attain because many people really do not know what or who their spirit is and how to make it healthier. Healthy spirit development requires that you know that there is something inside of you that needs to be honored, that wants to be closer to you, and that is waiting for you to find spirit in your everyday wonders.

Healthy Foods: Moderation is the key to success in any food plan that I have ever read about. You may want to begin a plant based diet with little quantities of meat, or vegetarian meals. There are a lot of cookbooks out there that can help you to eat healthier.

Hoping that I brought some healthy living components to your life today, and you begin to find health and wellness in mind, body and soul.

Become the person you want to be.

Pass your knowledge to others who may benefit.

And love living life in moderate ways.


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