Healthy Beginnings: Helping People to Stay Well

I know people may not want to hear about cleaning up their diet, but I have found that it really has helped me. I enjoy foods that I never thought I would, such as egg plant and spinach. I love spinach!
It seems like it takes a long time to lose weight because you have to change so much. You have to focus on health- instead of cheating on your diet! You are only cheating yourself!
It has been a wonderful three years because I feel so much better, and an added effect of cleaning up my diet has been a weight loss.The weight loss also happened because I  began exercising more frequently. I jog, ride a bike and go to the gym!
Bucket lists~

Today, my goal is to help others to develop lifestyle changes that can help a person to feel better.
This is my “bucket list!”
To be the person who helps others to grow stronger and feel better.
Remember that lifestyle changes are difficult to attain.
It may take some time to be where you want to be in mind, body and spirit, but it is worth the struggle.

When you make the changes that you need to make, you will be stronger and feel better.
You will have more energy and your state of mind will be more balanced.

Treat your body well, and it will thank you!

Eat nutritious foods and exercise every day of your life.
It does not have to be strenuous exercise, but you should do something active every single day of your life.
Do not make excuses for not getting out there to take your daily walk.
Find “like minded” people who are trying their best to stay healthy. They can help you to stay on your road to wellness.

Think of your life as a teeter-toter- you swing up and down with your weight. Make today the beginning of not only losing weight, but believing that you can also keep it off. Find friends who also struggle with their weight, and band together to build strength.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Beginnings: Helping People to Stay Well

  1. i have lost 50 pounds but i am now at a standstill since i hurt my arm and hip. i am hoping with summer being here it will help with fresh fruits and vegetable stands any suggestion on other ways to loss the weight.

    • Hi Gina, keep up the good work. Eat lots of fruits and veggies along with grains! I think that exercise is also an important factor. Good luck with everything you do.

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