Having a Healthy Vacation on a Budget by Cole Millen

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This is a beautiful time of year to travel. The colors are amazing during spring!


Having a Healthy Vacation on a Budget

So, you have dieted in preparation for a great vacation and you are looking good. How are you going to keep the weight off during your relaxation time? Not to worry. It is possible to eat well on vacation and come back without having to fight the scale for your pre-vacation body.


You might not know it, but your mission to keep the weight off starts before you are on vacation and while you are leaving. You will be tempted to catch a quick meal on the road or at the airport because you had to spend time getting all of your last minute vacation needs together. Either pack yourself a healthy snack from home or fill up on healthy food before you go. You will be too full to hit the fast food places at the airport, which will save you both calories and cash!

Room Service

Forget about ordering in and room service when you are at the hotel. Hit the Internet and find the nearest market. Stop there for healthy foods at mealtime and put healthy snacks that do not require refrigeration, such as fruits, in your hotel room. If you have a fridge in your room, stock it with the foods you were eating on your diet. Above all, skip the drinks in the hotel and your mini-bar. The calories in these will destroy any diet. Both your midsection as well as your credit card will be extremely grateful!

Reading Reviews

One of the major factors that I found that has made a tremendous impact in my travels, was when I began to read the reviews on the areas and restaurants of where I was staying before hand. Without this knowledge, it is practically a free for all when you get to where you are going and this is what often leads to unhealthy eating and expensive spending. I did a poor job of this in the past and paid the ultimate price with weigh gain. My most recent trip I found a great site that listed reviews for Las Vegas Hotels and ended up with the best option for my personal eating habits. The reviews ranged from the amenities and services to the restaurants in the nearby area, to things to do! Looking up the reviews on your hotel and surroundings can be a difference maker when you are trying to be healthy on your travels. They offer important information such as whether or not they have a pool to exercise, continental breakfast, workout room, healthy restaurants available/ nearby, as well as local markets. Make sure to do your homework prior to your departure.


Unless you are vacationing alone, you are likely to wind up at a restaurant at some point, even if you do not want to eat out. That is okay. Go straight for healthy dishes like salad and fish. Order steamed vegetables in lieu of starches like bread, pasta and potato. Do not order anything fried. If you are at a restaurant that sells huge portions, ask for a take-out container as soon as your meal arrives. Dump half of it in the container and save it for later. You will be less likely to overeat if you make that commitment right away.


You do not have to hit the gym while you are on vacation, but go right ahead if you enjoy it. You will get plenty of exercise just enjoying your surroundings. You are probably in a nice climate in a beautiful location if you are on vacation, so make the most of it. Go for a walk or jog. Go rafting, hiking, swimming or even shopping. Just stay on the go when you can. When you cannot, stick to salad and lean protein that day.

At the end of a vacation following these tips, you will be sure to come home healthy and with a little more cash in pocket.

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  1. A lot of people forget all about eating healthy while on vacation, but you definitely don’t need to. Many restaurants offer healthy choices and you can always cook your own food.

    • Yes there are healthy choices everywhere. I find my healthiest choices are the recipes I prepare myself!
      Thank you for responding. Doris

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