Breathing in and Breathing Out


Breathing in and breathing out

There is much information on the many benefits of meditation, and learning how to breathe; slowing yourself down and becoming centered and balanced in your life is worth exploring.

Meditation helps you to know your authentic self; digging deep into your spirit and finding that soft spot of love, balance and harmony.

Begin with some relaxation; lying down, putting your hands on your lower belly and feeling the rise and fall of your deep ocean breaths that slow down on your command.

You are in control; you do not have to do anything perfect; just be with this moment in time, feeling the rise and fall of your belly; breathing in through your nose for the slow count of 5, holding your breath for a second, and then breathing out through your nose again for the count of 7.

This moment can be your first step toward the deepness of meditation. Breathing allows you to practice slowing everything down and just being.

You are not planning your next vacation; you are just planning your next breath.


Just a ride in the country

I was riding my bike on a country road and spotted a deer

The deer was prancing and dancing, stopped at a beautiful meadow and took a look at me, surrounded by beautiful green and yellow grass that swayed with the summer breeze. I thought it was just coincidental until he started to run along the side of me as I road my bike like he was riding along. It was a moment in time; especially when he stayed along side of me, he did it 3 times, so I had to think he was trying to play with me and the colors and beauty of the deer froze me into the moment. I could not think of anything else for quite some time that day. All I could think is wishing I had my camera because no one will believe this one. And then I thought I will express myself with this beautiful moment by exploring some painting (something I have not done in a long time). But ever since the deer, I feel more in touch with nature and the beauty of colors.

Find your way in nature and its beauty

Breathing in some warm colors can soften your mood

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming


Circles of energy surround and heal your life

Circling around, just like the energy in circles themselves; the deer found that his path was with me for the moment in time.

You too make circles in your life with the energy that you have in your soul. It circles with movements that you make; especially during exercise; even passive exercise such as Tai-chi and yoga where you find you center and balance. And when you meditate; you also find that your energy center can calm you; allowing your breathing to slow down.

Your eyes begin to close; but you are awake, finding your own special brand of harmony inside.

It is like a sweet melody softly tickling you with a feather that caresses your life. And when you finish your practice; the calmness of the moment is yours to keep throughout the day.

Find your peace in life through nature, practicing meditation; breathing in and breathing out wonderful colors that help you stay in a calm, loving and in harmony.

Successful living

There are many people who believe that if you work at something hard and long enough, success will come.

That is true about some things such as studying for an exam, but in real life events, you may have to give up the attempt at mending a personal relationship or your family relations and concentrate on mending yourself.

Many authors speak on the topic of mending broken people, but how do you know if something is too broken to fix?

When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, his great fall took a lot of people to  try and put him back together, and they gave up; Humpty was too broken to fix.

And even if you have a village supporting your efforts, you may not be able to fix things in life that need mending.

Knowing when it is time to move on is difficult for many people, including myself. I am not an expert on relationships but I do know that you can be happier in life if you look inside and fix that first. Then the people in your life will like you better; hopefully. And if they do not like you better; it may be time to move.

 Your window of living life full of love and hope


 Take a long breath; breathing in this water scene and feeling the serenity and calmness it brings to you. Look at the tiny bits of color in the picture and breathe in the greens; the color of life


Which road do you take?

When with your friends do you play together like a couple of frogs?

Or do you take turns telling each other about all of your problems?

And when you are with your partner, do you muddle along complaining about life and not stopping to see how much beauty there is in being with someone who loves and cares for you?

Or maybe you are just bored with life, finding that you no longer have anything in common with your partner; maybe they did not give you enough attention, or it is it a mutual exchange of ignoring because you do not like each other anymore.

Do you think that those answers would be enough if it was a business partner? No, you would have to struggle to find answers to your difficulties.

Breaking Up

Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is if you are not doing well with your present relationships, it may take a lot of time and effort to make it flow again.

This is where the rubber meets the road; the place where you have to ask yourself if it is worth the struggle. And I believe that in some cases it is worth the struggle, and together you can make the relationship stronger and full of love and hope.

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