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Take time today to discover yourself; you, the person in the mirror who is trying to come out and tell the stories of life and living it well

The end of the summer; moving on to fall

The end of the summer; moving on to fall

Take a walk in your garden; the one place in your life where there is peace, love and harmony

Doris Richardson-Edsell is a yoga teacher, mother, grandmother and writer of inspirational literature. Her goal is to help people learn how to care for themselves in mind, body and spirit so that they can live life well and happy.



Cured versus Living Well


Surviving something does not mean that you are cured. And being cured is not always a good goal because something will come along to make your life shorter or longer with or without a cure and with or without your permission. Your life path is playing out in a musical way, slow beats of drums or high pitched flutes singing your tune. Some of your life path is in your control and some is not. We are all slowly moving toward our final resting place and cannot stop this from happening, and some of us will reach the destiny of heaven sooner than others. You will never know that the end of life is very close to you until that day and perhaps not until that particular moment when you stop. So until that time, live your life as well as you can; putting together your puzzle in life so that you feel secure and complete; finding those people that you keep putting off and making peace with yourself and others.

Take note every day of why you are here and where you are going. Write a note to yourself; a reminder of how beautiful the world is, how abundant your life is and how grateful you are to be able to take your next breath. Begin each day knowing that everything that happens is special. Be as loving a person as you can be. Find someone to help so that you can feel the pleasure of paying it forward to others. That someone may be a person who needs to learn how to live, love and die well.

Look closely and you will see a white circle of energy; a spirit looking on at the beauty of fall

Days of Hope

When the doctor told Gloria that she had about 6 months to live she quickly figured it out to be 180 days and said, “I want to go well beyond that 6 months but I am glad you are giving me a timeline because now I will buy a calendar and live a little better.” Gloria was 50 years old when she was told the bad news.

Gloria did not pass away until she was 80 years old and with that said, you really do not know how long your will be here on earth in your physical body, and then when you are off to your spiritual body you will still be here, just in a different way. And many people who talk about passing through into spirit are amazed by the bliss and wonder. Gloria did buy that calendar and she started making plans. She said, “I want to do something that is special to me in these last 200 days, not just 180!” Gloria had a good sense of humor and quickly filled up her calendar with those moments she thought she would miss. And on her next visit to the doctor she told him that she would never die; especially within those confines of 6 months.

As the years went by Gloria had her bouts of illnesses in mind, body and soul but she lived well past her 200 days. Healthy days were short lived in Gloria’s life, but she was still there for her family, always available to listen to whatever heartache you wanted to tell her about. And Gloria never gave her opinion just nodded and listened to the problems of many. She was like a great sounding board to help others figure out the right way in life.

And in her last days I would see her weekly at the nursing home, and she would ask me if I was still writing because she wanted me to write her story from my point of view, and that is why I am here to tell you that she was the kindest, loving person that I ever met in my life with a story that needs to be told so that others can understand her beauty as a person.

Gloria came from a very poor family who never knew where their next meal would come from, but their love for each other was so strong that nothing mattered except staying together. There were hard times but also good ones with the birth of many children and grandchildren. What held them together as a family was hope and love. They gave it to each other in kind words, a meal if you did not have one, a place to stay if you needed it and hopeful words that helped.

Being poor is not a misfortune like some people believe; it can be a blessing because your family becomes so very strong that nothing matters except keeping things together and helping each other.

And that is why Gloria was so strong in mind and spirit; passing this positive energy to her children and grandchildren. If you are ever told that you only have a few months to live, you better start living from that moment on. It is sort of a wake-up call from above, telling you that life is precious and it needs to be lived well. Even though Gloria never quite felt well, she still did the things she needed to do in order to be a good mother. Her children were well taken care of and her closest sister Pricilla was by her side, guiding her in difficult times. When Gloria’s marriage was going through some bad times, she went to Pricilla’s house for guidance and love. And her 3 girls were close to Pricilla’s 2 girls, making the stay at Aunt Pricilla’s a good time.

“Things will get better and you and your husband will mend your ways,” Pricilla would always say.

And as the years went by, Gloria stayed strong in her marriage; holding it together for her children. In the past people stayed together no matter what happened. There really was, “Until death do we part.”

Marriages today unwind after brief struggles with life and many people part their ways before they should have. Gloria was always starting over; she forgave, loved much and gave all she had.


Starting over

I believe in new beginnings, re-inventing yourself and saving your marriage. Many people give up on all 3 things in a very short time because they say they are not happy with their situations. But you are the control button over your happiness; turning it on and off at any given moment in time. No one else can make you unhappy; you do it to yourself. Sometimes in marriages or any relationship with siblings or friends, things can get fired up and bad but it does not have to stay that way if you do not want it to; excluding physical, emotional or spiritual abuse. In those destructive relationships you have to get out.

Things worth saving

If you are in a dead relationship that needs some pick me up, you can begin to salvage the rusty parts. You just have to try and fix it, and that means beginning with you because you can change yourself, but you cannot change other people. So get on the bandwagon of making those needed changes you have in mind. You may have to begin with leaving the past behind, forgetting about what the future may bring, and living in the here and now of life.


When you become a believer, even if it is pretending at first; life will change for you. Having a strong belief in a positive outcome in your life is the first step toward wellness in mind, body and spirit. Even if you are sick right now, your mindset is important to your prognosis. Whether it is a physical, mental or spiritual illness, it can be worked on internally. That spiritual component deep inside of you is the strongest self you have. It directs you throughout your life, pointing you in the right direction. Spirit is your internal being that is there for you no matter what the consequences of your difficult times in life. Spirit is also there for your good times; allowing you to love, live well and be thankful of everything that you have in life.

Extending your life

When pretending to be well is practiced you may find that this hopeful and optimistic way you have developed for yourself extends your life and even if it does not make you well again, you will be a happier person.              




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