Lost and found

I think a lot about a friend who I have known since my twenties; connecting with her about every 6 months to meet for coffee, she loved tea.
I remember our last conversation before she passed away. We were past the 6 month and she told me we should meet because she was ill. I agreed but we never committed to a time and place, and then she was gone to spirit.
I have regrets because she reached out to me and I should have quickly made a plan for us to meet since she was ill. In a soulful way I see her with her bright smile and curly hair.
During her transition to an angel, I was given a few pieces of art I had gifted to my friend. Her sister returned them at my friend’s apartment and I saw all of her possessions scattered throughout the rooms like they were lost items that needed a place of peacefulness.
To me this validates that giving and receiving are the same.