Was it a dream or just a memory popping up in my head as I think about the past? Today is so different. In the past there was much more structured living to do. “I had to get to work or get the kids off to school and baseball. “Planning is the key” I used to say to myself as I wrote down a grocery list that I knew I would forget on the kitchen counter.
Today, even relationships seem hard to keep, trying to find someone to just hang out with, male or female seems like a chore because one person seems at a different place than the other. After divorce I was at first anxious about finding another soulmate; one who would be a good match, but now I am no longer obsessed with believing that will happen magically. It feels better just having friends around who do not take things too seriously. No more going steady, marrying or feeling like I need anything except continuing to take care of myself. The circle of life