Achieving mind, body and soulful health is a passionate way to care for myself where I see the many pieces of personal health that I focus on every day.
Mind health is an excellent beginning; knowing that I have special ways to clear many difficulties through my breath.
I finding that a deep breath may be the only thing I need in order to stay calm and center.
My physical being can bring me special adjustments to my entire being with just a short, brisk walk.
Soulful waves surround me as I see nature’s seasonal changes that help me to embrace life through colorful yellow spring colors, the deep purples of summer, autumn’s crispy orangeness along with its special scents of cinnamon and cloves.
As I enter winter frigidness I find that I can walk briskly to warm myself when the temperature is below zero.
Take care of yourself in all aspects of your mind, body and soul.
FInd some sunny ways