Making today a new one where I am strengthening my mind, body and soul.

I begin with my soulful ways where I fill my being with warm rays of bright, yellow and orange sunshine. Energy surrounds me.

I feel joyful and happy.

My mind  also needs me today.

I awaken to a snowy day that has settled down. “It must have snowed a lot overnight. I say to myself. Feeling tired of many snowy days but it is winter time.” The snow is still; allowing me to hold on to the opening of today as a peaceful vision where I can learn to allow for a resting and meditation time.I put on an extra pink sweatshirt to warm myself as the cold come through the tiny cracks of a frosty window. I decide to move around, shaking off the cold with some yoga poses and stretching my arm and legs. I am grateful to be here.