I used to believe that there was only one of me. But knowledge and some wisdom has allowed me to learn that there are many internal and insightful parts to my being. The strong, physical place is my body which helps me in balance, flexibility and strength; a very helpful being to guide me through the many days of my life. All year long, especially in the wintertime, I am joyful about having a strong body.
The emotional part of me is something I need to work on daily as I do with my body but it is difficult to quell tears or laughter that may come at odd times or feelings such as sadness that lingers. But there is joy in my heart that sings a beautiful tune like birds singing early in the morning.
The way my soul works is my favorite part of my being; helping me gain a perspective that works for me in troubling times with its insightful waves of positive energy.
The intellectual part of me is constantly learning new ideas and brings me much wisdom as I read and gain knowledge through the words of others.
Are you working on your many “selves?”Many Selves