As it is…

Dealing with life as it is in 2021 is difficult.
Patience is almost impossible because we all feel as if basic needs are not being met.
I believe life is perhaps in a time warp where everything is standing still and without movement, stagnation sets in and disturbs successful adventures, creative times and joy.
“Somehow I must get back to my life as it was, or begin a new chapter where I have more control of the constant changes. said Dee to her children, we must accept the way it is and move on to building a different life. One where there is much love and connection to each other.
I am mindful that life is a good transition as if I am a cattapillar who evolves into a butterfly.
Make some changes that will make things better for you. However small or large the change is, it will help you travel down a good path toward loving yourself and others.

Angel guides

Watching nature