From the outside, looking in

Everything is in place in the window I gaze into at my old home. It was as if I still lived there, watching my nana rocking in her chair as mom sat at a card table putting a very detailed puzzle together. The piano in its place waiting for me to play; mom would ask me to play Christmas songs everytime I stopped by.
Mom had subtle orange curtains in her recreation room, the drapes were partially open so that I could see the lake when I walked inside where the smell of fresh, red sauce cooking slowly was a wonderful garlicky odor I miss.
“I’m making sauce for some pasta if you are interested,” mom said with a smile, and there are some artichokes near the stove waiting for you.”
I miss this time where I was welcomed, cared for and loved.
Moments in my life from the past were very meaningful to me then and now.

Branching out

Reach out and find your way.