Have not left my life ever.
Stayed here in the town I grew up in with minor moves to different areas of the same place where everything is familiar.
Familiarity was not always a good thing for me. It helps in stressful times but does not challenge me.
Mind and soul needs have not been met so I continue to visualize better ways to be through writing and painting which helps my soul.
I do not long to permanently leave where I live because traveling to adventurous places gives me challenges and excitement that feels good.
If I had to do it all over again I do not think I would change anything.
There is no lesson to learn here.
You have to go with the flow of your own life; finding your unique way to be.
I have to say that if I had wings, I would fly away often and come back with stories to tell.

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time