Listening to my inner self as I move through life where there seems to be a stumble at each step.
I walk along even though it would be easier to do nothing; staying at home all the time is not an option, even if it feels safer to my mind, my soul says otherwise.
Taking chances used to be finding a better job or doing something challenging like skiing again.
Today is different. Taking a challenge is getting on a plane or going to a party that has more thsn 20 people because of a dangerous virus circling the world.
Positive ways are developed slowly, because optimism is a rocky path but I choose to put a loving smile on and a caring heart to those on my path.
Remember that you are connected to those around you as you take care of yourself and people who need you.
How are you doing on your way through troubling times?

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Loving the moment of circling back to prescious moments