Story time…

When I feel despair, I write about joy. When joyful, I need to write about how grateful I am to be here today.
Its seems that today I have despair about wanting too much in life.

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she needed to be happy all of her life, every minute needed to be happy and joyful.
Dee kept searching for the perfect place to be, the perfect partner to be surrounded by and the things she wanted in life that cost much money she did not have such as fancy dresses and expensive cars.
She thought often on these things she did not have which brought her much sadness.
One sunny day while Dee was walking her path through the woods she saw a tiny cottage that looked perfect for her. “Finally I have the home I always wanted.” And when she walked inside, there lived a handsome prince who immediately embraced her and they lived happily ever after except for the beautiful dresses and fancy cars they did not need.
Dee had finally awakened to the fact that you cannot have everything and all that really exists is love, and she has that now.


See the green