And they lived happily ever after

Once upon a time there was a land called Disarray where everything went wrong except that the birds still sang their songs and trees grew new branches with leaves in bright greens and yellows.
Dee a girl who grew up in Disarray, never knowing anything different about life there. She knew it was forbidden to shake hands, hug, and kiss people but she thought, “What a way to spread germs. Getting too close to anyone is a bad thing to do.”
Time went on in this confusing land. The older adults were truly upset by the way things were because they remembered the past where there was a connection to others. A hand shake meant hello and a pat on the back was a show of appreciation. The greatest loss was the lack of hugs and kisses from children and grandchildren because of precautions from a virus passing through the land of Disarray for many years.
Grandma said,” I want my life back before it is time for me to pass along.”
Time did pass, things were difficult and out of sync for many years but there was a belief that we would move along to better times in the future and had plans to turn our town back to its original name of “Shady Tree lane” because the trees and journeys through them daily was all that kept the people patiently awaiting change for the better.
Only then did we live happily ever after.

Trees and strength

You walked in peace, surrounded by spirit trees showing you the way