Feeling as if I am passing through to another stage of my life where all is calm and stress-less. Where do I go from here? Here is a place of comfort with less activity or responsibility that I had as a younger person who had to struggle and make decisions that changed life as I knew it with inner strength that had to be used often. “My mind tells me to pick up a good book or take up a new sport where others gather. Through that door I can make new friends to wake up my life. Soul tells me to wait, allowing for quiet time to awaken me to what is next in life.” said Dee to Gloria her mother. Mother speaks in a soft voice, ” Allow all to unfold. You are doing well in mind, body and soul. Keep on doing what you find self-loving and that will take you where you need to be. Stop pushing so much through doors that may not be yours.”
Seeing clearly in black and white

Seeing life unfold