The Good times

I go through life believing there is more, and find that there is more than I originally believed. Since retirement there is another life, the one where I can start over, do anything I want to or do nothing. The nothing is very boring because even though I can and do have the time to relax, relaxing becomes too much solitude. “Alone time must still be reserved for illness or quiet time I call meditative ways.”
“Meditation is good for you, you should meditate every day.” said Gloria to daughter Dee.
“It is worth the effort in the stillness of the morning to set aside time to just be. Watching the day begin with brightness; I feel my internal “wake up” of mind and body. Then I look closely at nature and see the beginning of the day with a perfect sunrise. What a beautiful life I have when there is no hurry or stressful thoughts in my head. As the sun rises with its shiny and glowing orange ways, I am thankful to have this moment of welcoming myself the another day.
Bright ways

Nature with its colorful ways