What sets you free?

I have found that the more truthful I am, the better my writing becomes.
The truth sets me free to say things I normally do not out of fear I can hurt someone who does not like or believe what I am saying.
It is your turn to be truthful…
It may shake a few people up if they believe you are talking about them in your words but that is the way life is.
A series of misfortunes and all of a sudden a long stretch of good happenings.

Be supportive of yourself; finding that self- care and self-love improves your entire being and you may help others to come along and be happy and joyful in your presence.
Offer everyone you meet loving and caring times, and do whatever you can to help others find their way.
People will begin to love and respect you more.

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time