Moving along

Mom always helped me move along, especially related to emotions and spirit.
I remember crying a lot as a child and mom would never interrupt tears because she felt that tears were a cleansing time to rid the emotions that were holding me back from moving along.
She would hug and soothe the sad times for me, tell me stories that made me laugh and offer me a cookie to add some sweetness to the moment.
This past year has been difficult, and social distancing seems to be “the norm” with hugs off limits.
I find myself creatively moving along toward other ways to simmer the souls of those is need of a big smile.
I developed personal self- hugging ways to share and many stories to tell about how to stay positive as much as possible.
For my well- being time today I stopped at a garden center and bought some beautiful red flowers for my garden, and doing that small self- caring gesture helped my smile for the entire day.