There is a time called “Now.” It seems to be a place with much distress.
A time of anger mixed with sadnesss. Navigating through this time in the pandemic of 2020 has become very diffucult with too many opinions and perspectives on which way to go down the path toward wellness.
I tell myself, “Be gentle on myself and others.”
My internal being is allowing me to listen to everyone and how they are feeling in this new “now” of life right now.
As confusing and unbelievable our lives are right “now” we must be patient.
It is not pleasant, but I try to offer “gentle ways” to others, including myself with better “self-talk,” said Dee in a soft, thoughtful way as she wrote down some positive moments she had recently to share such as seeing the first snow fall with its gentle ways, or listening to quiet music on a rainy evening.

You are always facing the music