Thought it was grief

It seems like I am grieving but then I identify my slow walk and grumpy look as just sadness. There is nothing to be grieving about,” Dee thought as she put on one more layer of clothing so she could walk in the 25 degree weather in early December 2020.
The coldness was a sign that winter was here as Dee took a deep breath of an icy breeze that sped her walk up.
Identifying what you are going through in times of great difficulty is an honorable moment of thought but the hard thing is the reality of trying to fix a problem and no one has a a clue how to.
“This will be the most difficult part of my life in the year 2020 and it truly is impossible to fix or change the outcome.
Therefore, all I have is ‘the stiff upper lip’ that my dad told me about early on when I was crying about something.
Sometimes a good cry, smile or hardy laugh does help.

Circling back to oneness

What happens in life