The Outer World

I want to stay patiently inside my mind and spirit to discover ways to be the way I used to be but doubts in my head convince me that acceptance is the only way.
What am I letting go of to accept life in a quiet bubble that surrounds me without any special times to savour?
Will new memories in the dull world make me forget how good things used to be?
What is it that is changing in my life without my control?
How much time have I lost?
If I break away from this sheltered life in the present will I become ill as I gamble with life and death?
It is true that I can make each day special even if I do not have as much to do as I used to, and there are options in the outer world that I may be able to explore?
Helping others is where I belong. With compassion and empathy as my guide, I move along, one foot in front of the other in 2020.


Hugging life from a distance