“I want magic back in life with a tiny silver and gold spark of energy that keeps me moving and grooving to a tune on the radio,” said Dee to her mom Gloria.
“It will come back to you in unexpected ways as you move along your way in life. Some times are absolutely wonderful and some are not. You must embrace everything that is coming your way in life.” said Gloria with a smile.
“It is a windy, rainy day as clouds covered the sky in a dark gray but I could still see the orange rays of the sun as it peeked its way into a morning as beautiful as many before it, and perhaps even greater than the next one I can envision on my own,” said Dee as she thought about how dreaming and magical thinking can be helpful in times of distress.
I must be happy with what comes along in life, even when it is gray I can color in my own blueness of the sky with a painted picture of life, and this is the magic of spiritual health and wellness. I will meditate on something colorful today.

Reaching others

Loving life