Beyond the stretch

“It is well past how far I can stretch my life, said Dee to mother Gloria. I am at the time in life when I thought things would get better but they are even more difficult than earlier in life when I was more care free.”
” Time passes you by if you focus only on unsuccessful happenings. There is so much good in between sorrow which has many cracks of bright, silver and golden light you can envision. Look for the goodness in colorful happenings, and see that when a red cardinal lands nearby just to say hello and embrace your day with color, that is a magical and amazing happening.
Change perspective and be grateful about being alive and well during both good and not so good times.
Explore new ideas and create a place in your life to go to in your spirit that helps you see that everything changes, and that is a good thing.”

Seeing clearly

Seeing life unfold