Reactivating myself

I walked along a path today earlier than usual, and all I saw were birds and chipmunks happily dancing in the street. “Where is everyone, it is a beautiful day?” I thought to myself as I looked up and saw a blue sky.
With doors open I saw into a few homes where all families were indoors. “Where are the children? Why are they indoors instead of outside in nature?” I have always been a friend of nature and its beauty; walking, climbing great boulders at the lake and looking for deer down wooded paths in park settings to take pictures of the beauty. It is time to get outdoors. You can ‘space yourself’ in many ways when you are not indoors.
Looking through windows or at your computer hoping that things in life get better is not the place to be today!
I will begin my personal activation through what I choose to do that is good for me like riding my bike more often or eating better foods such as more fruits and veggies.
What is your plan for reactivation?
Free yourself, even if it only for a short walk around the block and feel how your mind, body and soul thank you for moments of wonder.


Flow in one orange flower