Time moves along as I forget what day it is unless someone reminds me.
I feel stuck in a world that is not moving.
Stuck in a quicksand of life where I have to climb out of the sand long enough to change my perspective on how to proceed in life’s adventures.
Fear does become a factor in this timeless place where I can do whatever I want but there are few choices.
Not lonely any longer but the alone time is difficult in a world where there are so many things left unfinished.
Being alone does give me much time to think as I do finish a painting I have been struggling with for months. The writing on positive moments do flow through me to you as you may glance on some prose I have written saying, “I am surprised she can keep up with this optimistic way during the Pandemic, she must have a lot of stamina.”
During a dream-state in meditation or just drifting off in a moment of clarity I begin to see where I was and where I am going but it is not where I truly want to be.
I want to be free again among the purple flowers of life, standing strong as I used to stand.
I want things to go back to where they used to be like a colorful puzzle in reds, blues and yellows that has been pulled apart as I stand, a lost soul trying to find the difficult pieces of my life to put them back together into a beautiful picture that I create.
What do you do to help yourself in a strong way; keeping a peaceful flow that allows you a place to be when you need a moment of silence?
I find nature becomes my best place to wander as I wait for everything to change for the better.
The birds seem to know the way to be peaceful; flying high in the blue sky as free spiritual souls who do all they can to show us the way to be free again.

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time