Change Town

There are places to go where change is accepted as the way it is.
All people are not “in” on the flux of daily changes but acceptance is the only rule in town.
People who do not accept the constant changes try different towns to live in where there are complaints taken, listeners who pretend to hear you but not much compassion related to feelings on not wanting changes in life.
I have found that it is not possible to move away from the changes that surround me.
I accept compassion in “Change Town” where I am surrounded by people who care, even though it is very difficult to let go of past thoughts, feelings and behaviors that keep me from happiness and success in places where everything is green, the sky is a purple shade of blue and all I have to do is work at the lesson of patience.
I wait for the “dust to settle” so that I can see a new awakening that embraces like the hug.

golden year

Each flower is another year of your life