The land of Promise

Dee loved the colorful flowers surrounding her in the land of Promise where she lived.
It was a ‘Once Upon a Time’ place where everyone contributed to its beauty.
Where there was darkness and any struggles in the land of Promise, everyone contributed to the cause of brightening each day in colors of blues, yellows, pinks and purples.
Everyone lived happily ever after because all who lived in Promise helped each other through loving and caring waves of positive energy. The results were amazing when all people helped each other grow stronger, more compassionate and loving.
How did the people keep the flow of oneness and connection in this land?
Everyone helps everyone. That is the way of Promise.
All people promised to help each other through times of troubles, struggles and good times.
Growth and development never stopped in Promise. No matter what your age, you learned lessons daily on how to help and care for others.
it was as if we were all wild flowers; growing in beauty each day; stronger and more centered in harmony and balance.

It is not just words we tell each other in the promises we make, it is what we do.

loving flowers

We move like flowers reaching for the sun