Simple is better

The simple things I may be doing make sense right now but with “simple is better” there is the possibility of boredom. “I may have to find things to do,” I say to myself but the splendor of nature keeps me occupied most of the daylight hours on the greenest day I can remember.
Consistency is a good thing, making life an upward flight as if I am a white seagull with gray edges on the tips of my wings as I rise into flight with little effort.
Maybe there is much effort on a seagull’s mind and soul, but I can only see this floating-like bird who appears tranquil and almost still in his flight against the blue background on a day with little bits of white clouds that all the birds I see appear to fly in and out of in smooth and peaceful ways.
By putting even a small amount of effort into a project of creativity or ‘striving for the stars’ extraordinary time with excellence becoming my goal, I can create an amazing change in my life as I know it.
Today, everything moves along quickly and I do not feel bored, but excited with all the extra time I seem to have in creative moments that fill my soul.

Reaching others

Loving life