Keeping my Distance

Needed in life is a closeness which is in most families as a “joined by the hip” type of philosophy, understood by all.
There are many ways to enclose and connect the people I need through a strong spirit presence today as I walk through nature and its many blessings of life.
Emotionally I visit on long phone calls and physically I connect during 6 feet wave “driving by” and standing in the grasses of each others’ homes.
In my past we never had this problem related to “Keeping distance” from others but I believe my mother would have figured it out because she did have answers to many questions I continue to struggle with such as, “Why Me?”
It seems that we are all struggling with that question because we feel there is not much to do these days but try to keep your distance.
Momma Gloria stood strong even though her touch was soft.
She could look at me and I immediately knew I was not following instructions and needed to make a drastic change on whatever I was doing. Momma Gloria knew it all, she really did.
If mom was here in this time of 2020, she would first say, ” What is this world coming to?”
We were expected to answer her question with whatever insightful response we could think of. I would say, ” I do not know the answer to your question but will spend my life trying to figure it out.”
Family means everything.
We pick up the pieces of a family and no matter how long it has been since we have seen each other, we are right back where we were; strong centered and in harmony with life.

Knowing there is color

Between the black in white, color appears.