The good days

I want to look back at life and think about the good days but I keep myself in the present to help myself and others on paths toward wellness and healing in mind, body and soul.
Hindsight is 20-20 but I seem to see things less clear when reminiscing on “the way it used to be.”
I want good memories to surface but I think I have been in this “window” where I am looking out to things passing me by that I cannot touch, therefore good memories are fading.
What am I supposed to do in order to stay healthy in “today” when there seems to be too many bad things happening?
I guess that silence is the cure because being still and quietly walking a good path may help me and others.
We stay together but apart at the same time.
We connect in different ways than we used to do.
The telephone is always ringing, the notes to others are often. But the physical closeness I used to have with others is gone for now.
Today is different than any time I have ever experienced in life. I feel like I am hiding beneath a rock at times but with aging comes a “less active time in life” where there does not seem like there is as much to do that is pressing on my heart.
I take on a colorful existence where I surround myself with sunlight, pretty pictures that I create in yellows, reds and blues. I walk alone, but at times I walk with others comparing notes on how to change perspectives on looking at life in the year 2020.
I still laugh, cry and wonder.

Loving times

Picturing life