Spirituality embraces

Whenever I feel a bit down, I think of my spiritual being and find still places in areas I thought did not exist in my many selves. I know I can find a calm way anytime I need to but sometimes I stop myself; swallowed up by my ego where I say, “I don’t need anything to help me settle down, I am fine with my sadness or anger all by myself.”
Suddenly, like magic a thought approaches my soul, and it seems to come from my emotional self because there were some tears. Only then do I realize how important it is to seek refuge in my inner being where dreams and visions can become reality and I can reach that special place any time I need to.
In a dream I can change my point of view on difficulties; reaching for a different perspective on where I am right now.
In a vision of life, I become truly creative without any thoughts of how things in life should proceed. I allow everything to embrace me like a tree that reaches to the sky in wonder of the clouds, rain and snow.
I become one with nature; standing strong with knowledge of what I truly can change and what I cannot. I turn black and white pictures into blossoming color that never fades. I see the bursting of a white pod that covers the earth with seeds of delight.

Be like a pod bursting open to see the world