Still standing straight, waiting for each breath that slows it all down as do the walks and bike rides that help me to feel like all is returning to a newness and brightness in life’s travels.
All I seem to have are those memories in color and some in duller grays of black and white of the way it used to be with the hustle and bustle of a young life where all must get done like a time watch was set to give me only small windows of time to complete or escape from.
Did I know that eventually aging would take me to unfair diseases or fast types of illnesses that soften the body and even the mind can quell? I see others who have difficulties of mind and it scares me and even angers me to think it will be me someday soon?
Had I known of those small compartments of life, especially the old, aging place, and how I had a time limit, would I change it all or just some parts of my life?
What time is the right time to make changes with new challenges?
Where do I go from here?

Time to change

What time is it?