Behind it all

I may not see all the good intention that is going on right now.
We all seem to be hiding from each other with fear and personal closeness options difficult in times we do not understand in any clear way because life is chaotic and troubling right now. “Move on with your life and begin to take some chances again,” they say.
But I may still need the comfort of staying in place, safely cacooned in my home.
They are there as helpers; people who are like angels,showing the way; guiding us in this struggle in a spiritual way, but we may dismiss their closeness in this moment of uncertainty. “I need angel intervention where spirit helps me embrace life again.” I say with inner confidence.
I know that soulful and spiritual ways need to happen during times of stuggle. I know I need a helping hand along with hug to soothe me; allowing my soul to take me to new adventures in life.

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time