Flowers for mom

On mother’s day there should be the most beautiful flowers to share.
But today in a frosted morning many a flower did not bloom. As we are not always “in blooming form,” neither are our flowers we hold so dear. Flowers are powerful beings and can take a little snow, and because of their strength they continue to bloom, if not today, tomorrow.
It seems appropriate that since we are on a pause in life, so are our flowers that wilt for a moment in time.
Time is right now, with snow coverings, white and bright; we will see green grasses soon without the frosty ways of May.
Tomorrow there will be more to see as orange sun rays reach out to warm the earth and our colorful flowers of yellow, purple and pink, and blue will be ready for a bright mother’s day full of comfort from dreams of flowerbeds full of tulips, my mom’s favorite.

Pink paths

memory glows in the mind and soul