I am aware but uncertain.
How is this different from where I used to be? It is not.
Today, as in every day, I stay strong like a swaying tree in the storms of life. I may lose a few branches but the balance in my mind, body and soul stays planted. Stong but flexible. Giving of myself but also able to recieve much knowledge through many life lessons.
Mom would say, ” Things are different and the same. There are always changes in the world that you must push yourself through, as when the good flows through us, it is like a blue and silver stream of warmth and love. It is just the way you look at things.”
I decided a long time ago to change the way I look at life with its ups and downs.
There are so many times I could have changed direction in life but I stayed through it all.

Yellows and the bright times

walk in yellow light today where there is sunshine