Calming Answers

I look for answers to questions that go unanswered, but there is internal hope on my path.
There is transition into acceptance that comes in waves from my soul, telling me that this time in life will pass along someday because everything does pass along; the good times and the sullen times with gray and cloudy ways that seem to last forever pass along.
I am a hopeful person who brings inspiring words and motivation to others on my path.
In my sad times that come with feeling the same each day as I do have a structure, even in chaotic times, I know I have developed a way to get through that is good and solid.
I know that I depend on many hearts connected to me that sing a strong song of peace and love.
Those people I speak to on the telephone bring on joy and laughter, especially from my daughters and granddaughter who brightens each day.
I bring on my positive internal mind and body by walking and passing along the day with activities that bring on some pleasure.
I decided a long time ago that I will never be engulfed by sad times, I will stand strong and centered like a tree that moves in the breezes and storms of life.
I will surrender for only a moment to thoughts that are not pleasant but will let them go into a new sense of peace, love and compassion that I bring to you.


See the green