Much Work

It is difficult to be in a life where sameness is the way it is.
I have written about this “Sameness” topic many times but now I am truly living it.
I do need a structure to life that I can hold onto besides getting up, dressed and showered for the day. After the needed things, I have to decide on what to do. As a writer and artist it is not hard to do those things that distract me well, but I still need more something different to do.
It takes ‘much work’ to think of those things because they need to consume all the extra time I have right now.
It is not easy for anyone to become self-empowered enough to motivate and change the boredom to a creative idea that consumes the mind, body and soul. Some days will be easier than other days such as when you feel like running around the block or walking faster than you usually do.
All you can do is try and begin each day with some new ideas.
Resiliency is built, stone by stone.
Motivation can be a self-push, taking the first step toward another day of sameness, and doing it over and over again can be a blessing.
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