Still Standing…

You know that place inside your being where you are the strongest. As you begin to focus on those strengths, you begin to help yourself through doing some unique and challenging adventures that help you move toward wellness.
I find that challenges help me to think differently where I am more creative in my thoughts as spiritual awakening arises with clarity of what to do when I do not know my next step but realize that it just does not matter right now. What matters is how I care for myself so that I can help others on their unique path toward wellness.
Realize that we all have fear in life that lingers inside but we have to push through those thoughts; knowing and understanding that complete healing may take a long time.
Accepting where I am right now in this moment.
I know there are many struggles ahead of me but I am readying myself through staying still in meditation and prayer; slowing my breath and clearing my mind so that I can help myself and others.
Harmonizing my thoughts to include a balance that challenges my entire being; playing a song in my head that soothes my soul.

Knowing there is color

Between the black and white, color appears.