Bundles of love

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time

I have so much love inside of my soul, and during times of distress I want to pass energizing ways in an burst of gold and silver that sends love to all who need comfort, peaceful times and love.
My hope is to be strong enough to keep up the strength of a tree that is planted deeply into the soil with arms becoming branches stretching to everyone I meet today, in this moment. Finding ways to assist others today in grief and sorrowful times of chaos that continue down our path at this time. As time passes, there will be more needed people to join in this quest toward wellness in mind, body and soul. My hope is to be able to help in some way.
Through my words of positive prose, I hope to gather others into a optimistic view of direction now, in the reality of crisis and how to assist others. We all know there will always be some challenging times in life, and healing does occur. Keeping hope alive today.