Same Time

I see everything in different waves of life with a sameness that helps me to wonder about why things are the way they are.
I have many questions about the subtle different happenings but it is somewhat soothing to see sameness in a perspective that allows me to also structure my life. Those people I speak on, watch me too; saving their thoughts for themselves as they wave to me, or say hello.
The same people give to me a way to be alone but not lonely as I see many on my path, no matter where I walk.
The guy by the peer who goes to his boat every day; walking down from his home, the woman with the yellow pony tail waving in the breeze is not waving today, she has ear buds in to guide her walk with music. The couple who cross the street with me, waving and smiling; giving me a way to be ok with the way things are, and thankful that I am here.
Is my life a spiritual experience where ‘this is the way it is’ and I need acceptance of the sameness, or is it that people do the same things they enjoy in life on a daily exploration of the same things with a different perspective?
I am joyful to be able to walk down the street of life. It gives me energy to start my day. It is good to question everything, but acceptance is important too.
FInd some sunny ways