It is the inside…

“Special places inside our souls tell us that we really need to pay attention to what is important in life.” said Gloria to her daughter Dee as they sat in a comforting room surrounded by a blue lake through large windows.

“There is more softness in this room than any other I have ever experienced in life but I believe it may be you, Gloria. Your presence more than the blue lake or large windows gives me nature without going outdoors, ” said Dee with a distant look that kept her focused on deep thoughts through large windows where she was able to imagine each room in this large house she had lived in as a child. The older style of the dining room held a warm feeling with dark, red drapery surrounded by felt wallpaper, touchable instead of shiny. Those touchable ways of childhood and old fashioned wooden walls in other areas darkened the home but brought a dark woody closeness of warmth making the home feel comfortable enough to enjoy always, even in my mind and soul.
The years pass by fast, bringing on changes that I may not have much control over, but I know time moves quickly now that I am in another dimension of life. Older people know exactly what I mean when I say, “You have to pay attention now.”
Aging brings about a calmness if you allow it inside your life.
You have to feel love inside your heart. Your childhood is not gone, it is now inside you in a spiritual sense where you may feel closer to angelic presence and those you long for who have passed along long ago.
It is as if you can walk through places you have been that can help you to see the importance of living each day as if it is your last one.

golden year

Each flower is another year of your life