Passive, active or both?

Every day I seem to structure myself in many ways.
This is the first time I have ever had a PO box to check, and I seem to start there on the way to the center of activity where I currently reside in my first snowbirding adventure.
I know for sure that I need challenges in life as I age.
I am seeking new ideas, creative moments and exploration of soulful and spirit times that move me toward many transitions, including the passing of my being.
I do not believe passing along to spirit should be a fearful time in life because it is just another view of life and its beginnings, middles and endings.
I carry on as long as life allows me to; trying my best to be accepting as I possibly can.
I feel strongly that I need active, passive and a combination of both venues to do on my daily passage.
I walk, draw, paint, try to run which turns into a jog, ride a bike, practice yoga and meditate.
The passive ways of yoga and meditation are probably the most difficult to maintain; preferring the movement and riding with both the wind in my face and some sunshine from Florida and its sunny waves of energizing, daily beauty.
Sometimes I long for where I belong, in the not so sunny places of New York where I also had structured myself to remain strong and centered most of my life.
Caring for yourself can be a difficult task in life, especially in the later years where you may feel lost as to the direction you need to take.
Do not fear because you will find the way that is best for you in places that may or may not be warm, may or may not be sunny, but they are your structure that only you can plan.

Through the light

Tiny cracks of light enter