Awakenings I move through

Woke up this morning believing that I have been through it all.
Grew up learning about life from others and nature where I realized that everything has its time to move through the ‘time line’ of beginnings, middles and of course endings; something some of us do love to hang on to.
We all want one thing. To be happy is all we think about until we are old.
Aging brings about the belief that love is all there is; giving and receiving become the last transition that finally complete a wholeness in life. The train of life stops and waits for me to get on and love the ride through many adventures; remembering it all from the lessons of youth that helped me to learn enough to bring up 4 children to the thoughts of older age where I discover things about myself that prepare me for this last, loving time.

Taking a new ride in life during every decade of life