Aging Spiritually

The quest for angel times comes often as I age.
Knowing that I am closer to my own transition brings me an awakening where the need to express to others the truth about life as a spirit is within my soul.
Because I am 65 years old, I am closer to the truth needed to quell fear that I have about my own transition. Fear has simmered down in my life about living and dying as I move like a musical beat to the drummer of life and death.

It brings much pleasure to my heart and my changing soul where there is less and less fear of becoming spirit who has no boundaries as there are in mortal life.
Do not miss those simple pleasures in life that you may be putting off at this time; believing that you have time. Know that you are alive right now in this moment by the sound of your breath and movement of your body which seems simple to think about but it is complicated and conditional to self-care in mind, body and soul. Do not forget your spirit because it needs development to ready yourself for old age or that time of transition which may be closer than you believe it is.
Listing the simple pleasures you may be missing is internally yours. Putting things off for some future time that may not happen is truly unfortunate.
I plan on living life on the edge of new, daily challenges that bring me a smile and good feeling in mind, body and spirit. I am in daily touch with nature, I love connecting with others and learning about new, create ideas that lift my spirit.
Life to me is a spiritual journey filled with love for myself and others.

golden year

Each flower is another year of your life