Angels Do Exist

In times of troubling ways, or in times of wonderful and amazing stories, there is always something to be thankful for in life.
My inclination is to move into negativity on the bad things that have happened but spirit tells me, “Stay in a positive way to help movement toward optimism instead of a pessimistic view of it all.”
I know there will be more ‘not so perfect’ days where I would like to shut myself off from everything and everyone but instead, I write, draw or paint the picture I need to see instead of ruminating on things I truly cannot change.
I continue on with where I am; moving toward angelic times where things are soft and still. I see angels everywhere. They are in the trees looking down at me in disguise as blue and green, or red birds swooping softly through the blue sky.
Angels exist near the seas where they gently wash up with each splashing wave that sprinkles me with their endearing presence.
I want to touch an angel so that I can feel their presence in my fingertips as I bend over to touch the edge of a sandy beach. I use my senses to smell the air as a salty wave crashes at my ankles.
I walk barefoot, feeling rocky ways beneath my feet trying to find the most colorful shell I have ever imagined but all I find is a breezy, salty day that I can taste as the orange ways of the sun shines down on me.
This white, sandy beach I find does not do justice to the rough and rocky ways of the beach where I grew up. “Yes, white, sugar sand is easier to walk on but rough and jagged beaches full of boulders is more of a challenge to walk upon as the large waves of Lake Erie pound against my being, telling me to wake up because another wave is coming quickly,” I say to my spirit that tells me to move to the sway of a loving day.
loving ways