On Becoming a Magical Happening

I love tales of helpers especially the hero who moves into action to save others.
Once upon a time becomes what I want to bring to others today and every day I have on this earth.
I want people to know there is a happily ever after, and the times in between where there are not many magical moments do pass along just as the wonderful and miracle times in life.

Once upon a time there were two loving people who met accidently but because this is a fairy tale, it was not a coincidence, they were meant to meet.
Things happen for a reason, maybe you are designated to become the hero of the story I am speaking on, or you become the recipient of the hero and his efforts helping you.
These two people became the talk of a small town because this couple is always there in a moments notice to help others; offering themselves in many ways. The people in town thought they were spirits or guardian angels placed in the town of “Magical Happenings” to be miracles in disguise.
” Just being there for someone in need helps a person see clearly what they need to do in their next step. They begin self-help actions that motivates them to pass it along to others,” said Dee to Dave, her partner in once upon a time. Momentum and motivation moves us all to do something special for someone in need.

I envision life as being much more peaceful in a town where everyone helps; creating a connection that is strong, centering and balanced. When we help each other, we help ourselves.
Being the person who is there for another is the best in life you can do. There is nothing more spiritual and loving as holding someone’s hand through a moment of grief, or listening to someone’s difficulty; allowing them to figure it out on their own. What becomes the moral of this story is that helping can become a passion that is passed from one potential hero to another.

passing it along

Connection to others is all there is.