Spirit Moves my life

Spirit is that place where I am thoughtful and loving of my personal being.
Soulfulness flows from me to others as I hope for angels appearing in my path who will show me a new direction that feels good and wholesome to my mind, body and spirit.
I take a deep breath of warm air; circulating through my body, into my soul.
Only then do I notice that I have created it myself; an internal spirit arises and tells me to move and capture this day as if it was my last. Who are we to notice first or last days? I say to myself with a knowledge that every day in its sameness and unique ways is worthy of awesomeness that only I can hold on to and notice. As this moment passes quickly through me; slippery like a warm, blue wave and soft as a white feather; I notice nothing, or perhaps everything that guides me to this place in time that is full of wonder.
When I capture internal kindness and self- love at the same time, life becomes amazingly clear; detailing for me a new path and purpose. This new found clarity that I keep in my back pocket helps me find more passionate places; emerging as one more day to cherish.

Angel wings that float and drop by my path

Loving spirit time