Like a golden spark of light, I shine like the glimmer of a blue raindrop or the glow of silver snowflakes, and shining becomes my being as aging becomes my next direction. I am entering into a new space where I am changing my mind about what aging is all about. There are more avenues and adventures to explore as I make a list of “Before I become spirit.”
I want to enjoy my life before the transition into spirit as I know it.
Soulful ways are personal to my ‘many selves’ in mind, body and spirit but I do believe we become closer to the true meaning of mortal life as we age gracefully like a white, puffy cloud that floats above, or a tree with bright, green leaves that sways in time to our internal musical beat, I am at peace.
This peaceful way is becoming crystal clear as I balance myself daily in meditation and yoga time where I stay in poses that increase my ability to honor my mind, body and soul.
Enjoy life now as you move into the golden years of life where everything is new.


Hugging life